Tenant Info


You will be required to sign an assured shorthold tenancy agreement. This agreement will guarantee your rights to occupy the property for the “term” - i.e. the length of time the agreement runs for. Most shorthold tenancies will run for a minimum of six months and you should be aware that you are committing yourself for the period specified in the agreement


You are only able to give the Landlord notice after the initial “term” (see above) has expired or to coincide with the end of the term and you must give a minimum of one months notice from a rent payment date. The Landlord on the other hand must give two months notice and similarly, is only able to do this after, or to coincide with, the end of the initial “term”.


It is Camel Managements responsibility to interview prospective tenants on behalf of the Landlord. Each Landlord will lay down different criteria for the type of tenant he wants to live in his property and we must conform to these requirements. If you like a particular property and we are happy that you meet the landlord’s requirements, the next stage will be to discuss possible moving in dates and to go through the credit / referencing procedure. An official agency is used to check for; bad debt history, County Court Judgements, Previous Landlord references, current and past employers, bank details and personal references. Each occupier aged 18 years and over must complete a form supplied by Camel Management and there will be a charge to cover the agency costs.


A minimum of one month’s rent will be required as a security deposit against damage to the property or default against the conditions of the tenancy agreement. This deposit is fully refundable providing you have not broken any terms of the tenancy agreement.


You will usually be responsible for Council Tax, Water Rates, Gas and Electricity, in addition to the monthly rental. Please ask for details of these costs in order that you can make sure you can afford the property. Telephones are often already installed. Please ask if the line is still connected if this is important.


Prior to your occupation, we will produce a detailed inventory and condition report with regard to the property. These forms will be left with you to check and agree with by signing off and must then be returned to Camel Management. As agents, we are required by the Landlord to inspect the property at least every three months to ensure that it is being fairly treated and that no damage has taken place. These visits will always be advised and you will not need to make arrangements to be present unless you wish to do so.


Normally you will be responsible for keeping the garden in a clean and tidy condition