Block Management

 If you are involved in the management of flats or apartments, you will know that you have to deal with all sorts of situations from getting value for money contractors to sorting out parking disputes or agreeing what colour to paint the building!  Camel are property specialists with years of experience in block management.

Camel Management - Newquay's caring agent


Service charges

  •   Billing and collection of service charges. 
  •   Maintaining a dedicated client bank account. 
  •   Arrears management. 


  •   Payment of regular invoices for cleaning, gardening, window cleaning, lift contracts etc
  •   Maintain full records to provide an audit trail of the financial transactions   of the client account. 
  •   Liaise with  and obtain quotations if necessary from Accountants for preparation of Annual Accounts. 

Building services

  •   Carry out scheduled  property inspections of the exterior of the building, common areas and the garden. 
  •   Following agreement with the Directors, Camel would obtain quotations for property maintenance issues where necessary and administer minor jobs
  •   Administer contracts with cleaners, gardeners lift engineers etc
  •   Obtaining insurance quotations to make sure cover is in place to fulfil the responsibilities of the company.


  •   Liaise with the directors and be responsible for agreeing an annual budget for presentation at the AGM 



  •   Tactfully represent the company and provide a point of contact where a possible breach of the lease has occurred or two or more owners are in dispute.


  •   Attend each AGM and be available to answer any queries regarding the block management



  • Camel aim to provide a tailored service and are happy to discuss specific customer requirements.